T1N Differential Rear End Gear Ratio

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Wondering what Differential Ratio your T1N has? One way to answer that question is to get a Data Card or Factory Build Card which is keyed to your VIN number. The ratio is listed there.

General information about Data Cards is here:

Data Card Datacard Revealed. I'll show mine, you show yours.

Sailquik Roger has been very helpful in providing members the information. :thumbup::thumbup:

In order to "streamline" getting your DataCard for you could you please send me a PM
INCLUDING A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS to return the card to you.
The reason for the email address is that the Sprinter-Source PM software does not like attachments and
I have found no "work around". It's much easier for me to simply email the DataCard back to you.
The "printer" feature on MBSprinterUSA EPC.net easily converts the data to a .PDF so that is not an issue here.
I'm getting a lot of requests, that's fine, I will try to be helpful here.
I'm not real comfortable with posting them to a public forum, I'll let you make that
choice AFTER I send you your DataCard.
I'm also not "collecting" email addresses for any reason. Once I return your
DataCard I delete the email address.
You can crawl under the truck and read the label.
Label riveted onto the rear axle!
Some general T1N differential information.

AC6 = AXLE RATIO 1 = 3.727 (Seems common for NAS aka NAFTA 2500 passenger models.)

??? = AXLE RATIO 1 = 3.92 (Somebody have the Data Card number?)

AR3 = AXLE RATIO 1 = 4.182

A hint for the 3.727 Ratio.

I have noticed that the 3.727 2006 passenger 2500HC (OEM, no DARF mod) 4th gear at 3000 RPM is almost exactly 70 mph by the speedometer. 70 mph in 5th gear is around 2500 RPM. I find that 3000 rpm in 4th sets up a good torque for long grades. Toggling between 4th and 5th gives a decent engine speed for flats and climbs when needed.

Feel free to add any information to this thread.

I'd be interested to know the RPM corresponding speedometer reading (not GPS speed over ground) for the 3.92 and 4.182 differentials.

Tire size doesn't matter. Even though with stock tires the Sprinter speedometer is known to have an approximately 3 mph discrepancy, the drive wheel (Axle 1) ratio remains the same. Tire size will affect speed over ground though (a larger diameter tire will cover more distance per wheel revolution).

:cheers: vic
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From a 2001 4x4 in the UK: (and a 2nd in Oz)

AC4 AXLE RATIO I = 4,857

The "AR3 = AXLE RATIO 1 = 4.182" seems to be an NCV3 code, not T1N

From a 2007 NCV3: AR2 AXLE RATIO I = 3.923
another NCV3: AR6 AXLE RATIO I = 5,100 (gasoline M272)

Brazilian 2010: AR4 AXLE RATIO I = 4.364 (engine OM651)

From a 2016 US Options book:
AR2 = 3.923
AR3 = 4.182
AR4 = 4.364

An Aussie 4x4 NCV3 also had the AR2

--dick (more if i find any will get edited in...)((but i think i'm done... (in)))

(oddly enough, i only have the 3.727 in all of the captured T1N datacards that i have (save 2 4x4s))
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Thanks everyone for information so far. :thumbup:


(oddly enough, i only have the 3.727 in all of the captured T1N datacards that i have (save 2 4x4s))
I hear you.

I did some Data Card searching and posted what I found. I knew that I recalled other differential ratios, but couldn't nail them down.

:cheers: vic


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To assist you in the gears/rear/revs/speed question, here's my spreadsheet, with rear end ratio being a cell you can change.
The tire size in the sheet is (are) my OEM 225/70R15, with (iirc) 732 turns per mile. (another cell to tweak)

.xls file zipped so the forum will accept it: View attachment gears.zip

p.s. regarding the "other" rear end us T1N folks used to see, Aussie's 4.111 sure sounds familiar...


'05 T1N 3500 - NorCalSprinterCampout
AC6 AXLE RATIO I = 3.727

2005 3500 158" cargo with the ICC (Interstate Commerce Commission) stuff.

I'm close to Vic's shift points descriptions but reckon LT 225/75 R16 tires turn slower,


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Just for reference, to my knowledge the only modules programmed with the Axle ratio are the Instrument Cluster (for certain), and possibly the ABS module (not certain).

In order to change axle ratio on an automatic van, at a minimum the Instrument Cluster must be SCN coded (and possibly the ABS module). As several users have learned changing the ratio without programming results in permanent trans LHM.


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208cdi 2006
AC3 AXLE RATIO I = 4,375

Sorry for the old resurrection, but mine wasn't listed


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2003 Freightliner 2500 158"
According to MB VIN, I have the 3.727 ratio.
@ 75mph GPS I'm at 2,900 rpm, and 79 mph on the speedo.
I suspect tire diameter is the issue.


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208cdi 2006
AC3 AXLE RATIO I = 4,375

Sorry for the old resurrection, but mine wasn't listed
A reminder that "2006" frequently included the NCV3 in Europe, but the US/Canada was still the T1N.

I'm confused i thought my two rigs would be different gear ratios, but according to Vins they are the same

2006 3500 140" - 3.727
2006 2500 158" - 3.727

I thought that the 3500 for sure ran at higher RPMs... Maybe it's all in my head... O Maybe it's just the 195/70/15 stock tires...



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If i look at my collection of datacards, i see that (as i suspected) the 3.727 ratio was the "default" for US-delivered T1N Sprinters.
Option code AC6

Even a 2006 Winnie with 16 inch rims had the 3.727 rear end.

The 4.857 ratio was an option. (AC4)

The Winnie is a "416 4X2 4025", so i'm pretty sure it's a dual wheel rear end.
Singles were "316 KB 4X2 4025" ... the 4025 is wheelbase in mm


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