my new 2005


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Just bought my brothers sprinter. He had it for 2 weeks, and is buying a new 2008. (once in a while that cheapskate opens his wallet)
So neither of us knows how to reset the clock, little help here please!
I was driving it yesterday with the air on, and decided it needed to be a little warmer, grab the knob, twisted 2 blue spaces, and it started blowing warm, went back to freezing and cracked window to temper the coldness. Thats not normal is it???
Other then that, the family has 3000 miles on it, no complaints yet!
In an attempt to keep it that way, I need to pour ? into the fuel tank how often??
Its the familys first diesal, hints are welcome.


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Resetting the clock should be in the owner's manual, where you hold down the clock symbol a few seconds and the numerals will start to blink.

The hot air thing sounds normal. The rectangular black plastic between the middle and rightmost circular control is the room temperature sensor. It takes time for the hvac system to sense the ambient air inside the cab. To me it sucks, and I don't mean the air going in.


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owners manual, dhl must have kept it when they closed up

second round knob, the one that looks like it does defrost, vent, floor and all adjustments in between, twists up and down 1 click, never shuts off dash vents, but if you push it a little red light comes on. Took me a while to figure out the snowflake turns the compressor on. Lots of buttons with international symbols, that I didn't get in drivers ed 40 years ago

Is there a pdf owners somewhere online


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hi Hoppingmad, welcome to the forum:cheers:, about the push button when the red lights on if you turn on the blower it will be using the air in the cab if you push it again the light goes out and outside air comes in instead its good for demisting the windscreen.

ive never seen an owners manual on the net but if you want to know anything just ask here and we will help you.:thumbup:


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