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And today, just got home from a 9 day road trip..

We left Santa Barbara Friday the 22nd and drove to Afton Canyon just outside of Vegas. From there, we headed up to the Gooseberry Mesa in southern Utah (thanks @sprinterPaul) and met up with a few friends for some camping & mountain biking. Next stop was Zion, then Lake Powel where we camped on the beach. After checking out the Grand Canyon, we made it to Sedona to meet up with more friends for Thanksgiving.. and more mountain biking. After a few days there it was time to head back home by way of Joshua Tree..

Epic trip, and was super stoked to have the van!


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That's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Only one factoid popped into mind drooling over the photos.. . . some States/Municipalities it's illegal to have additional forward facing white lights (beyond factory equipped & aimed driving/fog lights) 'uncovered' while on public roads. Yes, likely you'll never get to Virginia etc. where I've known naked light bars to be meet/greet/peek episode generators but...


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Busy weekend working on the van!

- Painted bed frame
- Added Low-E and carpet to walls
- Added carpet to bed platform
- Built snowboard locker
- Added gear hooks next to bike
- Installed WeBoost cell phone signal amp
Nice looking build. May I ask what the height is between your floor and the bottom of your bed?


The next project was to install the Dometic two burner stove I'd ordered a while back.. I designed the seat/stove enclosure on Sketchup to make the building process easier. The goal was to have the stove be hidden most of time..

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.23.05 AM.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-09 at 11.23.26 AM.png


While visiting my family up in Washington I installed seat swivels from Alpine Mechanisms and a roof top storage box.. The plan was to install the ladder too, however shipping got delayed so I had to wait until we got a friends place in Tahoe.



We're back in Washington now and this time I recruited my dad's help to install the stage 2 kit from VanCompass. I've always complained that the van shakes violently when going over any off camber bumps, and I'm happy to report that this upgrade fixes that. The ride is so much smoother and feels much more stable while cornering. I'd recommend this kit to anyone with a Sprinter.



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I'm looking at the same kit for my 2019. The rears look easy, but the fronts look like a lot more work. Do you get the sense that the rears alone would be a good upgrade?


I'm looking at the same kit for my 2019. The rears look easy, but the fronts look like a lot more work. Do you get the sense that the rears alone would be a good upgrade?
The rears were very easy to install.. It probably took longer to get the van up on the jack stands than it did to actually swap the shocks... I would bet that just the rears would make a big difference, but the front is really where I think the magic happens.

Installing the fronts wasn't really that bad tbh. I had the van back on its wheels after about 4 hours.


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I've done shocks on a eurovan. So I'm not a complete idiot but there's enough drilling and grinding listed in the instructions to give me pause.


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Did you fab the rear door speaker mounts?



2004 T1N 158"
Installed an awning while on the road, as it was very very hot in Eastern Washington... Details on the install are here:

View attachment 148289
Read through the build and it looks awesome! Nice work :). I'm curious how the inside temp is with that paint color. I'm thinking of going with that color but am concerned about the potential internal heat impact. You mention that it was very very hot in Eastern Washington, did you feel that inside the van?

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