Lost rear wheel cover

Ron Gannon

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Lost right rear wheel cover, only 6500 miles on my coach,will see if warranty pays. Found new covers on Amazon . They are retained with two lug nuts. ( chrome nut covers supplied with covers)

Aqua Puttana

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I recall some comments where aluminum cable ties are installed to stabilize the wheel covers. I believe that the aluminum ties are available at Harbor Freight and likely other places.



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We have lost both rear wheel simulators. There is a problem with the way it attaches to the wheel.
I tried to get the dealer to cover them under warranty, they said road hazard!!!
I have since replaced them with another brand for a third of the cost from the Forest River dealer.
The new wheel simulators have worked great.


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Yes, mine fell off also. Especially the rear. I noticed that this is a problem with the factory wheel simulators. I noticed that new models use aluminum Alcoa wheels. I didn't actually lose my one rear wheel Cover. It fell off and refueling station. I later straped the simulators with stainless steel ties recently. We will see how this works. 4 ties on each wheel. Amazon has them. This seems to be a real problem for everyone.

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