Parking brake handle delete - Linear Motor


I used a simple transistor like this:

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That's just an example, not the exact one I used. This will replace the OEM parking brake contact switch. Without pulling my seat I can't remember exactly how it was wired, so you'll just have to experiment.

WRT the cable, obviously a straight cable is preferred. A slight bend shouldn't create a wear problem however.
Thank you for your reply/help to my questions. on the 2019 MB Sprinter 170 they're two wires to the OEM "hand-brake"; however, I still don't see how connecting a transformer to these wires will turn on/off the "hand-brake warning light" on the dash when engaging the E-Stopp button as there is no signal from the E-Stopp to the OEM "hand-brake" wires??
When pulling the OEM "hand-brake lever" there is contact of the two wires and, therefore, a signal is sent to the dash that reflects on the dash as a "parking brake warning light".


You will take the two wires from the OEM brake lever and the green (ground sync trigger) from the E-Stopp control box. Those three wires will be connected to the transistor. This will create an electronic switch that closes the circuit when you press the button to engage the brake and at the same time will send a signal to your dash. As I said earlier, I don't recall the exact wiring configuration to the transistor. Just experiment until you get it right.

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The bottom of my 2018 144 rwd has a safety loop around the driveshaft that is directly in the way of where I need to mount the Estopp and you mounted it. Trying to figure out how to mount... Maybe grind down the center of the safety loop so the Estopp can go in between it? Any suggestions?
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