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This post / thread is intended to list the key Roadtrek related Links.

High level links only please (ie Roadtrek Company Website or an important Roadtrek owner resource site).

Links and other items of interest that turn up and/or change frequently would probably be best posted to a new thread.


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The Roadtrek Owners Group on Facebook is a good source of info for current and potential Roadtrek owners. Not connected with the company, started by owners, open and honest discussions with owners about their Roadtreks. Good source of help on problems, issues, etc. that you may not find on some other Roadtrek groups on Facebook.


2008 ROADTREK on F/L 2500
Onan Microlite Generator Links:

1. Great authoritative online troubleshooting assistance (for free):
Note: NOT an "instant response" site but thorough responses. BE SURE to provide make, model, serial # ON FIRST POST. Source of links to OEM manuals (operators, parts, service).

2. Replacement and upgraded Control Boards and AC Regulators, plus fantastic troubleshooting pdf, plus telcon tech assist:
Note: Not a storefront operation. All services avail thru their website, by email or by telcon. Since I live nearby, Sean K. allowed me to walk in, get 2 boards tested and purchase a replacement (since related to a purchase, NO CHARGE for testing!!). They have a long history of excellent tech assist and customer service.

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