Thetford toilet hose connector


'05 Westy
Anyone know what the hose connector to the back of our toilet is called?

It is not a Theford part. It is a white plastic part that screws onto the back of the toilet, and has a hose barb that the supply hose attaches to with a hose clamp.

Best I can tell it would be a 1/2” NPT female to 1/2” barb with a “swivel nut”. But I have been unable to find anything matching online.

If anyone can point me in the right direction to locate the part it would be much appreciated.


2004 T1N Westfalia
Check the Yahoo Sprinter Westfalia Group. I have a vague recollection of some owner fixing the Thetford Bravura toilet and may have dealt with the fresh water hose attachment to toilet. Nothing in the Airstream Westfalia Parts Catalog for picture?

FYI for others. Here is a link to the Thetford Bravura parts diagram and list.


'05 Westy
That looks like it might work also now that I see the the full part. Thanks for posting the image.

Will post my results once I receive the Shurflo part and go from there.


'05 Westy
Received the Shurflo part. It would have worked fine if ordered with the 3/8" hose barb. Seems the hose to the toilet is not 1/2" as I found elsewhere.

The local hardware store had the part onemanvan linked to. It works fine, however the barb is on the short side so given a choice I would prefer the Shurflo part. But, the toilet is flushing, and no leaks, so all is well again.

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