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We recently bought a 170 ext crew van and are looking to add some CR Lawrence windows and some windows in the rear doors. Does anyone have recommendations of places to get this done in the Vancouver / Lower Mainland area?


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I sent you a PM. I am a authorized CRL dealer. based out of Salmon Arm, BC and Sausalito, CA

But can make some connections in Vancouver for you


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Is it not illegal to have opening windows in rear doors due to possible exhaust gas being drawn in while driving ?


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is it illegal to have rear door operational windows? in BC?


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is it illegal to have rear door operational windows? in BC?
I do not see where the OP stated 'operational' windows.

That said, most, if not all jurisdictions do not have laws forbidding windows that open. Automobile manufacturers or body-builders may need to adhere to rules that restrict these designs.

The end user can do what ever they want, know the the consequences of keeping them open when in motion, and exercise caution. Unlike seatbelt laws, nobody is looking....

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