Sprinter 2008 shift to neutral when slowing down/braking hard


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Hey guys, hope you are doing well. I think that theres is multiple thread about these types of problems, but I didn't find someone that had the same problem.
So here is my problems.

A couple weeks/months ago, my sprinter had these problems:
Hard downshift then check engine.(something about sensor in the transmissions)
Shudder(happen once of twice)
Won't shift to 5th gear on highway
Didn't shift to 1st gear at a red light.(not sure about that but looks like it)

So we replace the whole body valve, brand new, ,new transmission oil.

Now, no shudder, upshift to 5th gear on highway, etc.
But there is one problems still.
There is a hard downshift, usually when braking while going down a slope, or when I accelerate really fast, and then release the gas pedal and/or brake hard after a hard acceleration.

I plugged a diagnostic tool and then recreate the hard downshift. The transmision goes to neutral a bit and then shift to lower gear, I think that the heavy thud comes from shifting from neutral to a gear.

Two days ago(no tool plugged), while braking, the transmission shift to neutral and didn't shift back to a gear. I pulled over and then the transmission shift back to a gear.

I've seen post about cleaning the EGR valve, so I did it when the garage replaced the bodyvalve. but the hard downshift is still present.
Maybe the egr valve is getting tired or my problem is not related at all?

Thanks guys for your time. It's really appreciated.

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