Service “A" at Durham NC Merc Dealer


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Called the dealer “how much for service A....about $300 unless you need DEF....” ok says I. So off I go making sure I fill the DEF up...
Following the completion of service I am informed that will be $416...$416 I inquire thinking they must of found something else...”It was to fill the DEF....”
What kind of scam is this?

#1 $100 for DEF????

#2 If I did not know I had filled it up they would have got how many other dealers use this scam to up charge...?????

very disappointed...:idunno::idunno::idunno::thumbdown:


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Did they have to dump out the DEF to do the Service A? Then refill it?
Sounds like nonsense to me. Even at full retail price, the Sprinter shouldn't take more than $20 - $30 worth of DEF to fill from 2 of the big jugs.
I filled mine from the half mark in the commercial truck lanes at a Pilot Truck Stop last week for US$6. PITA, because I don't have their RV Plus Credit Card, so have to go inside to prepay and then again to get a receipt. But worth the walk. :thumbup:


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IMHO, your experience is tour de rigure in the Stealership service community. I am convinced, most, not all dealerships, are ripping-off unsuspecting consumers. I have no data.

I thought fluid top-off was included in a dealership "A" Service??? This illustrates the importance of being an informed consumer to reduce the likelihood of being bamboozled by unscrupulous service writers.

Curious, did they retorque your rear-end shackles to specification??? I bet not. And, if they claim they did, was retorquing procedure accomplished in accordance to the manufacturer's procedure? If so, there should be evidence of markings on the shackle nuts and saddle.
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