Anyone had an inspection in BC to change class?

Has anyone done a self build and had it weighed and inspected to change to a class B motorhome? Looking for some help to see if there is going to be a problem with us doing the electrics. (nothing is attached the the engine). Thanks
This may or may not be of some help. My sister and her husband converted a retired school bus to a motorhome while they lived in BC. It was pretty rudimentary. Basically it was used to move from BC back to ON. They installed a big inverter. A porta-potty with basic walls and a bed platform. A quick inspection proved said items were mounted. Done. Now, they lived in a very rural sector and maybe things are a bit more relaxed there than other regions? This info is 3-4 years old.


I have change status from commercial to rev. Needed to have permanently installed water tank and bed. As we’ll sink and porta potty. All have to be mounted with minimum one bolt to chassis’s. I was in process of converting so only bed frame was permanent the rest was just to meet minimum requirement as per ICBC attached with minimum of fasteners.
I would check with insurance first and asked what they are require.
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