For Sale:Utah - X11 Air Conditioning Rooftop Package


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Continuing the (long, long) process of converting a 2016 2500 Passenger Van 144 highroof w/20k miles.

One of the first parts to come off was the Roof Mounted Air Conditioning Unit. Tough call, as it worked exceptionally well. Super Cold. However, needed more the roof space and the headroom.

Now, I'm hoping one of you lot might have a better use for this full setup, rather than parting out bits and pieces.

Everything was tested and in working condition, before removal. Some minimal scuffs on the roof enclosure as seems to be common for folks to misjudge clearance heights :) Otherwise, nice and clean.

X11 High Performance Air Conditioning Package Rooftop Unit off a 2016 2500 Passenger Van 144.

Complete system, including all interior vents panel, lines, tubes, wire harnesses, roof enclosures, compressors etc. Basically every component up to the B-pillars. Beyond that, parts to tie into engine are also available. Although, you'd have to be specific.

Shipping is available, though pickup is preferred (Utah). Also, I will be traveling between Utah and Colorado in the coming weeks, if that lines up for delivery.

For a full package, if sells as $3435 brand new. Definitely worth much less than that considering used and the cost/time to install. I've estimated the value of parts to be $1500-$2000 if I had the patience and luck necessary to list it all on eBay. I don't have enough of either ... so, I imagine a sale price should be less than that. DM me to arrange a reasonable offer and it's yours!


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Hey John. Price is negotiable. Depends on what it's worth to you. Please DM (private message) me to discuss an offer. Thanks!


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Hello. In New Mexico, headed to Phoenix on the 17th. Let me know if your anywhere in the vicinity or on the way.



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