Fleetwood Icon-Removing Valances to replace Blind Strings


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Hello All :
We've got an 09 Fleetwood Icon 24A.

One of the day night window shade strings broke and needs to be replaced. To get at the mounting clip, I need to remove the decorative valances but they have no visible screws at all. Anyone know how to remove them ?


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Just in case someone else needs to replace their day/night shade strings.....no need to remove any valance...my blinds were attached directly to the wood cabinet above by three screws. You'll need to try and move the blind assembly "out-of-the-way" to see the screws as they are virtually right above the blind itself. There's some really good youtube vids on how to replace the strings and their proper patterns.
The side valences are two aluminum extrusions snapped together. They're held to the wall with screws into the wood paneling. I've removed mine and replaced the stock blinds with MCD shades. Much easier to operate and total light blockage. There are 3 ways I know of to remove the valences:

1. The dealer service way, just rip 'em off, leaving big ugly holes where the screws went in. Then try to repair the big ugly holes.
2. Unsnap the top aluminum extrusion from the one screwed to the wall, using scraper and putty knife kinds of tools. Doable but difficult.
3. Nudge/slide the outer extrusion downward from the one screwed to the wall. Takes persistence, but is easier than unsnapping.

For replacing the outer extrusion, it's fairly easy to just snap it back on.

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