Propane gauge wires?


Mr. Tommaco
I noticed a pair of wires coming from the propane dial. Has anyone connected them to something? Is it a low level warning contact or a 0 to full variable output?


T1N Westfalia
No idea.

Our propane tank is a Manchester tank. On the Manchester Tank website, they describe various gauges, including "Sight Gauge – UL listed (standard dial chamber or 0-90 ohm remote sender optional)."

The photo of the remote sender version looks different from ours and appears to be a separate complete unit (versus an add on).

Mine is a snap on (fell off by itself once). Not that accurate. Apparently, there is a magnetic float mechanism in the propane tank which affects the sight gauge (so no direct connection, is this correct?). Probably a G12653 gauge?

No mention of the wires.
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