07 Sprinter V8 LS 6.2 Conversion Engine Swap


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Gday from Australia. I have just found this thread as I am looking for a solution on the instrument cluster. The power steering on mine works perfect. I used a Holden commodore 6.0 litre L98 (and it has a rack and pinion in it) and put it in a Vito. So I just cut the lines and tigged them together and the merc rack works fine off the Holden pump.
I did some cool stuff like 3D printed the mount for the Holden DBW accelerator pedal to bolt onto the Merc firewall etc. and I have done 20,000 Klms in it without any issues.

I am really interested in buying an electronic unit to adapt my instrument cluster and would like to hear your thoughts on it. My van is an 07 as well.

Oh the vito doesnt have duallies but she does spin the wheels! More than a little bit....

Look forward to your thoughts.
Interested in what you may have to share or sell
Working on an L98 into 906 sprinter

I am also working on CAN interface, although in very early days


Cheers Greg


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And, with the harness and mounts …….? Does that include details on the instal?
I assume the GM ECU is free to be tuned in this arrangement (needing a second shift table)


And, with the harness and mounts …….? Does that include details on the instal?
I assume the GM ECU is free to be tuned in this arrangement (needing a second shift table)
When we do release the harness kit, it will have instructions. The GM ECU is not locked and can be tuned just like any other GM ECU. There is nothing proprietary on the GM side.


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Hi Rpmextreme, I'm very interested in this kit you're building. Do you know when you will have harness ready with CAN BUS and ECU as a kit? My engine locked up yesterday and I'm like you tired of spending money on this engine. It only had 90k miles.


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Ok guys I'm new to the sprinter forum but have had my 07 3500 170 for a few years now. I have been thru a lot of repairs and upgrades and at 151k miles it **** the bed. The engine gave a shudder and oil was blowing out everywhere. It appears that one of the pistons either broke or the ring broke and is pumping compression into the crank case.

So instead of beating a dead horse I have decided to do a LS Swap on it. I need reliability and the cost of a new 3.0 is crazy.

Im using a 2013 GM L9H 6.2 and a 6L80E 6 speed automatic.

A little background on myself.
I have a company that specializes in installing LS engines into newer Jeep wranglers. We have a complete system that incorporates the Jeep CANBUS with the GM CANBUS system and makes everything work as designed.

I spent a little time decoding the Sprinter CANBUS system before I pulled the 3.0 out and the messages are very similar to the Jeep stuff I have been using. So I'm pretty confident that I can make everything work as factory.

I have the GM powertrain in the sprinter and am working on some bolt in motor mounts. It fits great and looks right at home under the hood.

I had to use a front sump oil pan because of the design of the crossmember but it fits great and looks like it was made for it.

The trans almost sits in the same spot and will require a bracket to attach to the crossmember and the drive shaft will need a slight modification to work with the GM output.

I will get some pictures loaded up and some details of my progress as this project progresses.

Hello...I have a 2011 Sprinter 3500 170 wb and I am searching for someone that does LS conversions in place of the MB diesel. Do you do the LS swaps or know of some reputable shop that is capable of performing the swap???


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Will this mod void your warranty...LOL

Looks solid

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