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Just wanted to say how happy I am with the results of my GDE upgrade. I've only had my 2008 Dodge sprinter 2500 a few months with issues running and poor fuel economy. After reading good reviews I decided to call Green Diesel Engineering and ask some questions. They were very nice, answering my silly questions.

I made the purchase, had the unit a couple of days later. Results were immediate. Started better, ran better, a little more power and after two months using it..... much better fuel economy.

Great product!

BTW - I have the full size with 211K miles on it.
I wonder if that $100 discount is worth it when having to deal with the predictable naysayers that always feel compelled to offer their unasked for views of what another chooses to do to make their vans more reliable in the longterm.

That said, I don't have a tune, but do enjoy reading about all the benefits that can result from the GDE Eco Tune. Kudos to Keith. One of these days......


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All of my posts seem to have disappeared and after yesterday’s “maintenance” I received a first post “award.” So glad I saved a copy of everything since I know better than to trust people who take a stab at brain surgery.

Anyway, JCM’s comments made me think about this culture of suckering the sheep into giving everything away. You know, their IP, (intellectual property) their PRIVATE personal information, their reviews, thoughts and ratings. The sheep can’t see the distruction it had directly wrought, as they sit at home... alone... you know, in isolation... but I digress...

I don’t review stuff. I have such a small footprint online that no one will ever find me unless I want them to but, I got a discount from a company for a review. Not specifically a good review (although that may be a given) but a review.

So, since it was offsetting a cost, I took my time, I wrote a carefully crafted, accurate review. I kept records and cited facts. I was glad I was not being bullied for my data.

But therein lies the rub. Firstly, the operators of this forum have lost the data, and secondly, why should I write convincingly when that will likely end up providing a template for the filth to craft future true-sounding lies?

What we need is a human rating system. A system that would go from potential to do the most harm to the potential to do the most good. Maybe a Trump to Theresa scale.

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