Interested in new plastic side panels ???


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I visited a plastic vacuum forming company with the Westy and asked about duplicating the side and 2 rear plastic panels. He would have a minimum order of 1,000 pounds of the material used for bumpers and typically around wheel openings on cars, it is UV resistant. He guessed that would make 75 sets. The cost would be $150 to $200 per set. He guessed the molds would run $6,000 or another $80 each @ 75 sets. Mold costs could be reduced if the rear was formed in one piece and then sawed apart. All these numbers are real preliminary. Mold costs could be reduced if a simple corrugated pattern was used. Or if someone here has a 3-D laser scanner and can produce a CAD CAM drawing.

I will check with a custom fiberglass company to see if that is an option. They may be able to create a mold from my existing panels.

How much interest is there in replacement panels at $300+/- per set?



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Also, might want to ask the James Cook Friends Forum folks. Think OneManVan checked with a possible group buy there, but shipping was prohibitive and group buy didn't occur???

When mine finally die, think I might just go with black paint or maybe explore a piece of black plexiglass to look like a window.

Would rather have an A-Team Van Window shrouds--black painted sheet metal will look like windows. Tacky?

Although Customizing Vans has slowed down from the early days it has picked up interest over the last few years. The A-Team Van is a popular template that van customizers have used adding Custom Van Visors, Nor-Cal Roof Wings, Van Flare Kits and Louvers along with side pipes or running-boards to style off the A Team Van.


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If it could be an exact replica, I'm in! Would be nice to do the A/C cover as well.


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For VW campers, a UK company makes dummy bonded windows which go over the sheetmetal.

VW T5/T6 Rear Quarter Dummy/Blanking Glass
“Total Black Out”
“Fully Screen printed on inside”.”No need to paint or spray the panel”
“even when fitting them to a white van, you wont be able see the paint work behind the window
Saves Time – Saves Money!
Available for both sides of Rear Quarters


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I'll buy two sets. Figured I should express my interest to keep the momentum going.

With a half dozen Westy owners already interested, this thread should be helpful in convincing a shop to undertake the project. I've considered contacting Miles Fiberglass in Portland in the past, as they produce many RV components. I think they could pull it off since they manufacture the adhesive mounted van window flares for Flarespace, which are the closest things I've seen to the Westfalia panels.


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I’m interested just starting to get multiple cracks in mine... the ol girl will need some plastic surgery in the future..
Count me in for a set


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Just FYI. The Airstream Interstate apparently uses dummy window glass to cover some of the sheetmetal window areas on the driver side.

Apparently, Airstream doesn't carry spare inventory for their own model.

Just a thought for folks explorijg fabrication and costs--would a Westfalia replacement smooth panel be easier to fabricate and would folks want that or prefer the original shutter look (provides cooling effect???)?


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I've lived with the cracking but the latest is triangular in nature and may result in a piece falling off. So short of another solution that emerges, add me to the list. The question is whether this is still happening...

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