Aux fuse off of fuse 12 ??


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I'm helping a friend with his 2006 sprinter. On fuse 12 under the drivers seat was a MB logo's fuse holder tapped into the fusebox...the fuse holder was made out of a Bakelite type plastic and is broken.

Just curious, was this a dealer or factory installed fuse holder? Anyone else have similar? What is it used for?



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Nothing like that on mine.:thinking:


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Nothing like that on mine.:thinking:

Nor mine.

FYI there are technicians that caution against using fuse taps or multipliers on the Sprinter because they feel it increases your chance of connection problems. There is a bit of history of fuse block quality being less than optimal. A search will probably help you get the info you need to make a decision as to what direction is best for you. Hope this does some good. AP


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As a hint... what's not working -now-?
(that might provide a clue to the fuse's purpose)

You can also use an ohmmeter to ground on the wire the added fuse fed, to see if there's still a load at the other end.
Infinite ohms= no load, or whatever it's powering is "off".
Low ohms should be carefully measured, since that will tell you the power the fused device is going to request.

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