Chirping again--need a head or two!


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Its that time of the year guys--summer is on the way--and that means overheating engines .
If you haven't serviced your cooling system don't put it off !

In any case if your are a procrastinator do at least check the coolant level sensor for low coolant operation!
I had one come in on the hook overnight!
Engine had overheated and seized--deader than dead!
He lost the EGR COOLANT hose near Grand Junction but his level sensor was AWL---so he didn't know until lost power. Too late damage done!

Looks like he is going to get the engine I was building for the Mercy Ships van.
Struth! Now I am running out of heads!
Anyone got some take off heads I can buy ?:thinking:


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How much you paying?


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Next time I am out at the property, I'll check the condition of the head on my parts van. As I recall, it was in good condition, only had one stuck injector that the PO couldn't get out when he was parting it.

Reason for parting? Bad cylinder, likely due to injector failure.

If its good, and the weather cooperates, I'll pull it and figure out how to get it to you for a reasonable cost. Perhaps this will be an excuse to take the RV to Colorado this summer?


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Well as a post script.
The seized and blown Sprinter that came in on the hook last Saturday runs!
Boiled down (boiled excuse the pun) was caused by a plugged radiator and engine block full of brown sludge.
How it got to the Western slope is a miracle.
I wonder if the owner was hearing Captn she's about to blow!

With temps in Colorado now suddenly soaring into the 90's from the freeze we have been having, in came the overheating Sprinters.

All needed thermostats cooling fans and accessory pulley sets plus a good clean out of the cooling packs & blocks.
Seven units in a week fixed before the holiday trip.

Beware if you haven't had your cooling system fully serviced in the last 50, to 100,000 miles, the heat of sumnmer is coming!


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I would say when there has been abject neglect .

The blown/seized engine has 275,000 on it and judging by the cylinder bores and crankshaft was in good condition just needed some TLC.
Overall the cooling system was a mix of poorly fitting aftermarket hoses , odd ball hoses ballooned out and a thermostat well past it best.
The radiator plugged with sludge and the cooling pack covered in dirt & road debris
However the jacket was full of brown sludge and jelled coolant.
Obviously a judgement call but a thorough inspection will show up the internal condition!
If some drastic urgent servicing methods had been employed PRIOR to the trip across country the rig would have still been running..without a wallet flush for a recon block & head etc etc.

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