Where do Canadians buy tires???

Where do Canadians buy their tires in Canada?

Looking for 195/70R15 tires for 2005 3500 dually. Having trouble finding them in this size and don't want to pay shipping from the US.



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I get mine at Costco. Michelin LTV seem to have the best reputation, and I've had good luck. i believe mine are 205/75/R16 though.


2004 140” HRC 2500 (Crewed)
You’ll want to read up on dually tire and axle ratings. Your tire pressure decal will state the axle (GAWR) values, which you can then use to select a tire with an adequate speed (letter) and load (number) rating. The tire should be rated for half the heavier axle’s load (even with dual wheels).


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