Dyslexic Sprinter Passenger Owners Untie


Sprinter Sophomore
I mean UNITE!

Let's discuss our vehicles.

I'm a happy owner of a 2016 4-cyl, 170", high-roof Sprinter with the factory rear A/C and some other bells and whistles. It's 98% work and 2% play but I hope to change that a bit over the coming couple of years.

Anything I do to modify the vehicle will need to be modular so as not to affect the other use.

I will have to post the other bells and whistles once I review them again but I am very curious as to what other owners of the later model passenger vans are doing to them.

Specifically I'd also like to hear from those with the factory A/C and find out things like:
Do you use the factory air on vacations and if so how is it working out.
Did you add a vent? If so did you put it in the middle or side?
Have you done any other modifications and if so what.
Have you tied into the existing electrical or kept it separate so as not to void the warranty?


2014 144 HT
Mine is a 144 passenger and doing a mild conversion. Rear air is nice to have but presents some additional challenges when making some modifications both inside and out. MaxxAir fan is installed in the roof directly behind the roof top AC in the commonly used location. On my 144, this only left room for 1 solar panel on roof so I also have a remote panel which has the benefit of being able to park van in the shade and position the panel in the sun. On a 170 you'll have more roof-top real estate with more flexibility. Even with the additional challenges, I'm very happy with the windows and factory interior trim of the passenger van. I'm still mid way in the build and plan to have the house electric separate but will have alternator charging in addition to the solar,

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