ESP & ABS intermittent error & CAN bus connectivity


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Running into an issue with our 2014 906.155.

Dash lit up with ABS, ESP, and traction warnings (images at end).

Used newly acquired Scanner (Autel Maxidiag MD808 PRO) to get codes -- will be posting review in scanner section and adding link here.

Showing intermittent inability to get wheel speed from right rear wheel speed sensor. (scanner photos attached). Looks like DTC is D40C.

Will be checking for bad connections this weekend. Thinking that most likely culprit is the hall effect sensor on the right rear wheel.

This is my first wrenching on this vehicle, opinions greatly appreciated, correct ones even more so! :cheers:



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Your analysis is likely correct. The symptoms match the ones on my identical vehicle when the right rear speed sensor went out (although mine was not intermittent). You should get both rear sensors replaced while you are at it. They very commonly fail in pairs. My left one took a few hundred miles and failed at an inconvenient time. Note that these are emissions items, and so are likely covered under warranty, unless your milage is high.

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Having recently been through exactly this with my 2014 Pleasureway Plateau TS (2013 Sprinter 3500 van), the wheel speed sensors are covered under the Emissions Warranty, and covered until 100,000 miles (and I think 7 years). I had two of them go about 65 miles apart (went to two different dealers to get them replaced). I’d already replaced one of them 2 years ago, also under warranty. Since I had already replaced three of them and was going to be traveling through some pretty uninhabited parts of Nevada, I opted to replace the 4th one proactively. (I didn’t want to risk having that 4th one go out likely 10 miles north of Caliente, NV—especially since the loss of a wheel speed sensor not only takes out the cruise control, it also can land you into LHM...) However, since that 4th one hadn’t yet failed, it was on my nickel ($380 actually) to replace it when not covered by the warranty because it hadn’t failed (yet).

The shop also told me that MB changed the part number and apparently the design of the wheel speed sensor from the original factory part, so he suspected there may have been an issue with the original sensor design.

Regardless, take it to a Sprinter dealer to have this fixed on their nickel—and not way too many of your own!

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