Mercedes Benz of Wilsonville is Terrible


I'd rather not share the experience of the dealer...

however, NCV3 OM651 - I think I bought the MANN fuel filter $65
Ok, but you mentioned they were slimy. Wondering how.

This should have read; For the NCV3 or VS30 V6, there are 7 possible fuel filter styles. Prices seem to range from $55 to $205 for the filter itself.
I looked up the I4 and looks like there are 2 filter options for it, at $54 or $67. No idea how they come up with a total of $450 if the filter takes about 1hour or less.


JC Car care in lake Oswego. awesome small shop just the 2 guys, specialized in diesels 20y+ experience, and sprinters. only down side is the wait can be 2 weeks+ for a appointment. I've taken my 5.6 Cummins here for all it's work i didn't want to do, always treated me right for last 8y

they say to avoid mc coy... 🤷‍♂️

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