Costco, Freightliner 2002-2003 Tires


'02 140 Hi BlueBlk Pass
I recently purchased a set of 5 tires from Costco for my '02 Freightliner Sprinter passenger (w/16" rims). The tires were ordered on-line for delivery to my local Costco, and the choice of my Sprinter was clearly available.

Upon arrival at the Costco service center, the service manager started writting up the service ticket/manufacturer/hazard warenttee - but the Costco computer software did not provide him with the Sprinter information. He changed over to '04 Dodge Sprinter, but I refused the ticket as Costco could refuse to honor the hazard warenttee as my Freightliner '02 was demonstrably not the same vechicle as an '04 Dodge - so the tires could have been switched to another vechicle, and, surprisingly enough the service manager agreed that would indeed likely happen. Fortunately, the service manager had access to the Costco external website, and I showed him what Costco put on its sales web site. This is what we found (note, while a line of people grew behind me):

1) The Costco sales web site shows Freightliner Sprinters for 2002 and 2003, but not for later years. The Dodge Sprinter shows up as available for 2003.
2) The Costco service ticket computer has no Freightliner options at all for any year, and the Dodge Sprinter option seems to start only with 2004.

Once the service manager saw the Costco sales site's listing for my Freightliner '02 Sprinter, he felt comfortable to over-write the service computer for make and year, and manually put in the tire information.

3) The Costco service ticket computer also provides the wheel bolt torque that the mechanics are to use. It provides 140 foot-lbs. However, that is the torque for alloy wheels. Steel wheels are supposed to be 176 ftlbs per the Owners Manual. I offered the service manager my Owner's Manual to look at, but he declined, stating the Costco policy required that he use the computer's number for liability reasons.

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