2010 Sprinters with DEF sensor issues: deal with them!


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I have 2010 Sprinter with embarrassingly low (32k) mileage. i've maintained
it well, kept DEF levels correct, etc. Note that 2010 is JUST EIGHT YEARS
ago, with the 8 year emissions warranty lapsing Very Soon Now. Also note
that the DEF system is part of the emissions system. These facts will
become relevant below, esp. to any others near warranty expiration:

About a year or two ago, I started getting a check engine lights (CEL), with various
fault codes like (I have a civilians' OBD reader) that pointed to the
DEF system

- P203D - Reductant Level Sensor Circuit High
- P2610 OBD-II Trouble Code: ECM/PCM Internal Engine Off Timer Performance
- P068A - Powertrain generic: Computer and Auxiliary Outputs
- P20EA - Fuel and Air Metering and Auxiliary Emission Controls - ISO/SAE Controlled
- Reductant Control Module Power Relay De-Energized Performance - Too Early

I of course check out what SprinterSource (eg,
has to say, then brought the van to a local (non-MB) shop, who
confirmed my codes, helped me puzzle thru them, and then (using his
pro computer OBD) reset the CEL.

All's good again until again about a month ago, same P203D error code.
I again go thru the same cycle with my local mechanic. But a year
later he has seen many more of the same sort of DEF failures, in
Sprinters and other MB, BMW, diesels. We agree it is worth going to
talk to the nearest/best Sprinter MB dealer.

So now I've done that, and write here what I wish I'd realized a year
LATER. My dealer (and he claims all MB dealers) are likely to honor
the warranty, but only if they can evidence of the fault codes
in the computer to confirm the problem. (Why we consumers can't see the
full details of these OBD codes about our vehicles continues to boggle me.)
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Yep, I’ve dealt with them several times under warranty. Lucky you, warranty on mine in Canada was only 6 (?) years. I’ve only had MB dealer swrvice on mine. I think with all of the new sensors and software updates they have most of the “bugs” out of it. You should also get DPF bracket checked for cracks, a common problem with this year.


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I sincerely hope the dealer will honor the warranty on distance because on time its well out of warranty.
And yes it seems from what you are posting that the one of three level sensor in the tank module had gone belly up! Not unusual.
The part is $1175 install is about 3,5 hours including a teach in! (SCN code activity)
Job comes out at about $1775

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