2007 Sprinter,Build sheet and Prices UK.

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2007 Mercedes Sprinter Build sheet Options and prices.
Included with this thread is an automatic calculator
to Help build your New Sprinter with options and Prices.

Select the Model you may wish to purchase, and build it to your specifications At the end the price will be in pounds as this is from a UK site England.
Convert Pounds to US Dollars
And you have the price
Go for it lads and see what you spent.

I have included the option list as a permanent fact finder sheet, as to the link provided may not last or will change, however it's accurate and by far the best source of information I have found any where, yes there will be variations to the "Dodge_Sprinter," but it gives you an idea as to what to expect.

This link will direct you to the UK site, the pictures below are for future reference.

Buy New Cars-Mercedes-benz Sprinter 309cdi Extra Long Diesel-New Car Sales-AutoeBid the UK Auto Marketplace

Five Ton V6 t0wing trailer.jpg

Part 1.jpg

Part 11.jpg


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Part 11 Of options

Mercedes Sprinter

Last photo of information is on both engine gearbox and paint, note itsays C Class Mercedes, the ref/ to this is the 2003 Sedan , However its the same as what's in the sprinter hopefully all the issues have been resolved, the V^ is a complete rebuild.





Altered Sprinter

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Altered Sprinter

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Hi Folks the above information is a standard feature of options throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Singapore, Vietnam, Middle East,from Israel to Iraq, and now Russia along with the Pacific countries surrounding, Australasia.China is to have her own built as a subsidiary via D-B
Features vary from different sections of the world, after all who wants a seat warmer! In Australia... or axillary heating preset timers? Our air conditioning for example is retro fitted down under to meet a higher cooling capacity, as the older imported air-cons , tore out of the engine compartment as the refrigeration units and evaporators could not cope with our extreme heat in out back Australia.
Dodge at least acknowledges the 07 Sprinter now.

What was placed as an indicator's of options was for those interested in what possibility's may be offered to you.DCX makes the final annalists.
I hope you get the Latest and not the lesser Sprinter configurations.
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Goes to show the discount war for sales is a world-wide trend.
Mercedes Sprinters, top of the line EX-LWB EXH-HR 518 V6 down by as much as six thousand pounds
Vat not included add 17% unless its gone up again,
Some countries do it tough some get it a lot easier, yet we all complain about prices:thinking:
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