LTV versus Winnebago versus Fleetwood


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Anyone out there owned a Fleetwood Icon/Pulse and then a View/Navion or Leisure Travel Vans Unity/Serenity ? If so, what were some of the upgrades/downgrades/sideways ? Very curious to hear.


fFor what its worth... I have a 2012 Fleetwood TIOGA. The coach was well built and the quality of workmanship was excellent. It still looks like new inside and out.
The only 'wrinkle' I found was probably due to Fleetwood being under Receivership at that time.
The Fleetwood Crew appeared to have a problem with the alignment of the side slide... and the location of the outside drain-hole in the sewage discharge valve compartment. Both of which were later attended to.
I should add that Fleetwood's new Customer Service Folks are superb !


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