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Have had an Equalizer Systems hydraulic leveler installed?

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2014 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
When I hit Auto Level the front to back is usually less than 1" within level, but the side to side is always at least 2" or more out. In particular the front passenger corner is always the low point out so I don't get the small amount of slope needed for the kitchen sink drain. Has anyone performed the Null Reset described in the operation manual, "Setting the Null: Null is the term used to indicate the levelness of the coach. A Null setting should have been performed by the installer. If the coach is not level following an attempt to Auto-Level, you will need to level the coach and reset the null. To set the null, push and release the Power button on the Keypad to engage power. The LED light next to the Power button should be lit RED when the power is on. Level the coach by deploying jacks manually, or by simply parking the coach on a level site. You do not need to have the jacks deployed to set the null. Use a bubble level on a flat surface in the center of the coach as a reference. Once the coach is level, turn the power off at the panel. Depress and hold the Auto-Level button and press and release the Power button and listen for a series of beeps. After the Keypad has beeped 5 to 6 times (the Keypad will continue to beep as long as the Auto-Level button is held) release the Auto-Level button you should get a confirmation beep. The new null has been set and the panel will store/remember this setting. Press and release the All Retract button to retract the jacks to the stowed position." Did it improve the Auto Level accuracy?
I did perform the " NULL RESET" to get my coach to a more accurate level. I had to adjust it to the level I wanted and run the procedure and then test, multiple times until it demonstrated to my expectations. It's not quite perfect, but I believe it is probably as good as I can get it. I'm happy and my kitchen sink HEPVO valve is sloped the right way to ensure it's draining.

I purchased these wedges, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002T0BQCU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1, to put under the front tires when I find they are lifted off the ground. Surprisingly having the wheels off the ground makes the coach rock. So I use a rubber hammer to really wedge these tight under the tires to further stabilize the coach. Does the trick. I do love these Levelers and wouldn't want another RV without them.

I agree with Mikeme, I would advise everyone who has the Equalizer Levelers to crawl around under the rig and follow the lines, look for pinch points, look for this bolt/leaf spring clearance issue, hanging wires, etc. I found a lot of things that needed more clearance, was not tied up properly, wires hanging, etc. I didn't find the recall issue but I found a number of things that I thought may become an issue with vibration and movement. I was particularly upset with the poor job they did in moving the propane regulator/lines to a different location. Instead of unhooking the propane line from a flare fitting, relieving the tension on the line, and then reattach everything once the regulator was relocated, they just bent a copper coupler I had coming off my tank. Of course that created a leak and was just a PITA to get the situation corrected. Lack of attention to the small stuff part of the install could be much improved!


2017 LTV Unity Murphy Bed
Yeah, this system is not the rock-solid setup that ImStillLarry has. But that vendor (Bullseye) just has not been trustworthy, unfortunately. Larry did his own install and it was the most solid leveler setup that I've seen, so far, because it uses very heavy square supports. I think the Equalizers (which I have) are just too small a diameter support strut - and the positioning on the frame has never been ideal (maybe LTV improves on it during their factory install? - I have not kept up on this issue).

There are other options available to stabilize the unit (not leveling it, per se) - if you don't mind a bit of setup work. Such as Camping World's Universal Stabilizer Jack, or BAL Scissor Jacks. For those of you looking to simply stop the rocking, these might work - and are a helluva lot cheaper than any automatic Leveling System. I think judiciously-placed drop down legs could suffice, too.

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