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Hi everyone, picked up my 2008 Dodge Sprinter last weekend. Test drove it a bunch before purchasing on the highway and off, but didn't get this weird noise until I was 3 hours into my drive home. As you can hear in the video, it comes in low, builds, and then all but disappears. It then comes back, seemingly at random, doing the same thing. Seems to only do it at 45+mph. In the video, you can hear the pitch change, but the whole time I was on cruise control at a constant speed and RPM. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


2008 NCV3 Dodge Sprinter 144"
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Hard to say. Maybe mid-shaft bearing on driveshaft.
I was thinking something along those lines. It's a bare cargo van right now, so the noise reverberates so badly I can't pinpoint where it's coming from. Seems like it's coming from everywhere. It's actually quite loud.


2008 3500 170"ext. 3.0 V6 OM642.993
Hanger-bearing /carrier bearing. Mine wasn't that bad, it would make a wind whistle sound, where as the noise you recorded had chatter, the chattering play should be detectable to the touch; side play and even heat in the bearing.


2008 NCV3 170ext
I'm no expert, but I listened to the video and here are my wild guesses/theories:

1) the bearing is frozen and the driveshaft is spinning inside the press fit part of the bearing. as it spins the friction is warming it up causing a tighter fit and a change in the noise over time

2) the bearing still spins but is in the process of freezing up and is showing significant resistance. It's still spinning but the press fit is turning as well. The variation in noise is caused by a change in the ratio between the two.


i had an intermittent whine on my 2008 which seemed to appear when coming off the accelerator so starting to slow slightly

i sprayed both prop shaft hanger bearings with a lithium based spray and its been ok ever since

worth giving it a try


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Had the van at Midas today. Turned out the carrier bearing had already been replaced, but the driveshaft was misaligned by around 4 splines. They removed and reinstalled the shaft properly and the noise seems to be gone. In and out for $26 :bounce:


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Thanks for updating us! When I replaced the driveshaft on my '08 144 with an aftermarket one, I wondered what would happen if I didn't line up the dots correctly. Glad your mystery noise was an easy fix.

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