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New Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Central Florida. Large modern facilities to work on Sprinters, with 4 Sprinter mechanics.

[MAP]4141 N Florida Ave., Lakeland, Florida 33809[/MAP]

The Commercial Fleet Manager is also the main Sprinter Salesman. His name is Ron Bigler. He is very patient and helped me custom build my 4x4 Sprinter. I did so many changes that he helped me on, and stayed in communication with me the entire time via Phone, text, and email. I changed my original order from a 144 to a 170. Then changed from a Cargo, to a Crew. Which he had to find another dealership, to do him that favor. I can't even count how many options I've changed! At least 4 of my so called "final" revisions. Needless to say, I've probably been a real PITA to this guy, but he is a true professional. The type of service you should expect from Mercedes-Benz. Anyway, I cant say enough about this gentleman. So much in fact, that I am going to place his contact info in my signature. I would personally recommend him if you are looking to have a custom built optioned Sprinter or Metris.

Ron Bigler
Phone: 863-280-5276

Ron's Dealer Rater: (at this time, 69 reviews all 5 Star)

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Jon White


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Ron and his Sprinter Salesman, Don Josey, have been great with all the issues we have had ordering a 2019 2500 170 Passenger van. MBNA has been a real mess and Ron has been pushing them for 9 months. Our van is built, but sitting in S.C. for over a month. Not the dealership's fault. They keep us informed. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

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