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Zach Woods

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This post / thread is intended to list the key Forest River related Links.

High level links only please (ie Forest River Company Website or an important Forest River owner resource site).

Links and other items of interest that turn up and/or change frequently would probably be best posted to a new thread.


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Re: Forest River Company Websites

Thanx Zach---I read somewhere in these forums that Forest River made only 350 MB Cruisers, starting in 2002, just 2 floorplans, all on the tall 2500 with 158" wheelbase. Purportedly 40% were sold in Canada. Scarcity and loyalty means the resale price is holding well---from 40 to 50+K. Mine is a 2003/4 (chassis/interior) and handles like---well, like a Mercedes should---wonderful power to weight ratio and the auto trans is perfectly matched to the turbo engine. A real pleasure to drive.

After several years absence, the new F.R. Sprinter is now sold as a Solera, on the 3500 frame, with a wider body, overhead bump, and a slideout. Much pricier too, of course.


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The MB cruiser 2006 is still a great Ride... I don't know how many are left on the road but at 75,000 miles... This one runs strong and true with all sorts of upgrades... !!!!

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