Brake Switch Adjust and/or Change Install

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Thanks for the info. :thumbup:

Here is what my dead brake light switch looks like on the inside.

My 2004 brake switch was ok when removed. The housing and mechanical parts were good. I cleaned the contacts and it is now in with my spare parts canister. (At this point I don't remember what prompted me to change the 2004 switch. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.)


Should the brake pedal return spring get involved, some info on the brake pedal spring is here.


Aqua Puttana

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Any advice on opening the break switch on a six pin without breaking the part?
Do it very carefully?

If my memory is correct, I just used a couple small screwdrivers to get under to release the plastic keepers. I cleaned the contacts to keep the old switch as a spare. The contacts really weren't that bad though.



Hi. On the 6-pin (non-ESP) version, the bottom pin on the B side is actually not connected (harness only has two wires on that side).
The Chrysler p/n is 05101496AD (MB A0015456409 or A0015459509).

I looked at the different brands available and got a URO brand (only has 5-pins to cut costs) as they offer a 2-yr warranty.
Just installed it yesterday. Fairly quick to get the old switch out. It may help to release the pedal spring, and use a block of wood to
push against brake pedal and lever against seat base. For new switch, connect the A set of contacts. Once you can get the two front
tabs through, hold body and try to slightly twist it to temporarily keep it in place. Take a break. Then try to use the rear part of the body
to leverage and twist fully into place (push down on the top tab). Connect the B set of contacts.

I will take apart my two old switches to see inside. Maybe a Lisle 56500 terminal release tool will help.

When I bought my van it was still possibly on the original switch (eventually had trouble shifting out of Park, brake lights wouldn't stay on,
sometimes get the wheel speed sensor light while driving, but I believe it braked OK). So OEM one was over 10yrs old (but van was parked
for a year). It seemed that a couple years later that the high mounted brake light no longer works although bulb is fine, will have to check
wiring from tail lights).

Second switch was made by TruckTech in Germany and lasted 8yrs (it started acting up ~2yrs ago and again last Fall, but the rear wheel
speed sensors likely got dirty when van briefly got stuck in some wet mud. After a long time, it suddenly worked fine for another 3mos,
until I encountered a sudden torrential rain storm on the highway and had to slow down). So ABS/ASR wasn't working right for quite
awhile, brake lights wouldn't stay on, and wheel speed sensor light would come on soon after putting van into gear (w/o any driving yet)
after a start. Much more effort needed to pump the brake pedal.

It doesn't hurt to use a blow gun nozzle to try to clear any debris that may be around the area of the rear wheel speed sensors.
You can't see them without removing the rotors.

Also, if you're stuck in traffic put the transmission into park.

I mainly drive highway (70-80%) and have only put on ~57K miles in close to 13yrs. But, if you plan to clean your contacts often it may be
needed every 10-15K, etc.

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