I miss SprinterFest East...


I miss the great tech talks and seeing everyone's great Sprinter mods and circling the wagons and ordering pizza and Christmas lights and playing guitar and talking late into the night and getting shown how to break into my Sprinter to get my dog out who locked herself in and meeting for brunch at Red Robin the next morning and and and... It's been several years and I wonder how my SprinterFest friends are doing.


I went maybe three times, I have a 2013 cargo in black, and although not an overnighter, the camaraderie, info and "tour was nice. The parts discount was a plus.
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Never underestimate MB's ability to miss an opportunity to better server its customer.


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Same here - miss this meet up. Part of the reason I no longer drive up to Sun Motors for service. I found the service at Freightliner Sprinter dealer in Annapolis to be equality good. They did my driver side Airbag recall. Shop rate is same as Sun.

- - Mike
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yeah, I would express interest in a meetup in the South East too. Vintage campers, fiberglass campers, British bikes....all have their get together. I guess for a headline sponsor it is a money issue if they cannot reap in their promotional expenses. Meeting at an empty parking lot would only work for a 1/2- one day event. Other options would be reserving sections of a state park or campground if weekends are what most want. Local fairgrounds are probably out of the question because of liability issues. Wonder if some independent Sprinter shops with the help of their local customer base are willing to get something started. Well, the spark needs to start somewhere. Just my 2 cents.


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Many fairgrounds operate as RV campgrounds in the off-seasons...



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I miss it too! What is Sun saying? Any chance of a sequel?
I always scheduled service that morning of the fest. Haven't been back since.

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