BEWARE CCV - Colorado Camper Van Customer Experience

Just curious, how did you repair the canvas? I think CCV, Sportsmobile and other van pop up companies could learn a few things from Four Wheel Campers. They have being making pop up campers for a long time and they have got the pop up materials down. Prior to the Sprinter, I had two FWCs. My last one was a 2015. It had no issues with the pop up material which was more of a light weight vinyl material but it was extremely durable when I recently sold it prior to getting the van.
Vinyl cement and Tenacious Tape. Its vinyl like the canvas, waterproof, long lasting and durable. SO far it is holding up (even the hole I put in the canvass with my angle grinder while grinding down the sharp edge that was causing the holes :bash::bash:)


Build Planning
I'm going to semi-threadjack this and post up my experience with CCV in a 'blow by blow' type fashion. I will respect ORH's approach in this thread with Joe Friday style (All we want are the facts, ma'am).
End July - Contacted CCV and Sportsmobile about pop top options and cost.
Aug - back and forth getting quotes and features compared and asking for info. Both companies great and response was thorough.
- difference here vs ORH's experience might be CCV hired a guy to handle customer comms it seems like.
End Aug - decided on CCV due to room to sit up when expanded.
- This was a tough decision as when it comes down to it there are a few differences. The cost vs aesthetics for me came down to sportsmobile as they have a slimmer profile on top of the roof. CCV does paint match however.
- The functionality of being able to sit up inside the CCV outweighed this. CCV I should be able to sit up with room to spare, in SM top it would be the same as my current platform bed where only kids can sit straight up. Other thing was the huge cutout possible with CCV...most of the roof is cut out, maybe within ~2ft of rear door.

Sent the 'yes' to CCV and got response that deposit was needed. Sent deposit beg Sept.
Dropped off the van on the 24th of Sept with a promised ready date 12th Oct(3 wks).
I am driving from picking up the van in Co to Mt for hunting season, have communicated that very clearly to CCV. I am expecting to be able to drive off on the 12th to a week of vacation where I will be staying in the van.

Upon dropoff CCV was a little bit waffley on when the van would start, but got back to me Tues or Wed that the van would begin first thing Mon 10/1.

I have received three text pictures of the van progress thus far, one Tues and two on Thurs at my request. The thurs ones showed I'm way past the 'no going back' point as there is no roof in the van (and lifts/actuators are in!)

I won't be sharing pics or cost in this thread unless things go WAYYY south (doubtful of this) or approved by CCV (likely) so don't ask until I get the van back and have the discussion with them on pickup. I'll try to update every couple of days unless Brian responds with a :yell:


Build Planning
Got more pics from CCV today. Looks like it's on track for me to pick up on Fri. Paint match done and hole cut for fan, lift and actuators installed.


Build Planning
Another pic of van yesterday with fiberglass top installed, sides being put on, fan in. From a ways away to get the whole van, will be asking for some close ups today. Still reported on track for pick up tomorrow even though I'm having issues getting out and might have to delay until Sat.
Hmm well there are four dealers in the greater Metro .
Two on the periphery around the conurbation do Sprinters!
One in town refuses to fix them=MB cars only!
The other is between Denver & Ft Collins, seemingly Sprinter dabblers from my experiences.
Seems I’ve called your shop with no return call. Tfn


Build Planning
Getting on the plane to go pick up now. Plans got cocked up and just out this morn. I'll post (my) pics later today if possible.

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