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After a crank no start situation I discovered air entering my fuel system at the clamps near the fuel filter. So now my 2003 2500 needs new fuel hoses and clamps. I found this kit on europarts.

I'm wondering if anyone can shine a light on this repair and any quirks I might expect to come across. Special tools? Etc.

Are these the clamps I'd want to order for this project?

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I bet those clamps will work, IME you can trust europarts to have exactly the correct information. For now, you could try adding a little "shim" under the OEM fuel clamp, and inspect under the clamp for a tiny pinhole. The easiest way to diagnose vacuum leaks in the fuel supply circuit is to pressurize the line with a 12v fuel pump, maybe harbor freight has one.
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I have found that taking a piece of thin rubber sheet (1/16-1/8") and putting it under a hose clamp can resolve air leaks sometimes. Usually the hose gets old and thin, and the clamp isn't perfectly round. The rubber sheet creates more even pressure. A bit of heavy silicone grease on the O-Rings can also help mitigate leaks in the short term.


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Dealer charged me $1700 to change the fuel lines because " they have to remove the intake manifold"!
If you do it yourself, and warm the fuel lines to make them flexible enough to get behind the manifold, You will have saved $1500 doing it yourself
Instead of buying factory clamps I went with this set because it's more cost effective in the long term

I always find uses for the clamps, they work great. I did not use the pliars provided, standard side cutters fit better. I do remember removing or loosening a few components to get access to a few of the clamps, but it was nothing difficult. I got the lines from the dealer because they were so cheap and available.

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