Mechanic Recommendation - Louisville, KY


02 Freightliner 2500 SHC
New to the forum, diesel, and Sprinter ownership.
Looking for a recommendation for a local (Louisville, KY) Sprinter specialist who can help me diagnose/fix my 2002 Freightliner 2500 SHC that I just got and that is in LHM. Seems to run fine otherwise.

Also looking for miscellaneous parts like rear door skid plate (top and bottom) and retainer (with hardware).

Things I'm doing now:

1. remove and clean the EGR valve (very oily and dirty all around and underneath it)
2. checking and cleaning electrical connections (ABS and traction lights are on)
3. reading all T1N LHM posts (there are a lot!)



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Cincy here. Besides the MB Sprinter dealer up here in West Chester, i'm not much help for finding a sprinter tech.

Check codes?

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