Winter Start Issue


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Hello everyone.
Hope someone can help me.

I have 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500.

Here is the problem.

When its cold (around 20F) Chicago Weather ;)

I try to start it, it did start for few seconds and that shuts.

I try again, and looks like battery didn't have enough power, so i plugged cables from another car.

I start cranking again. It did run for 1sec or so and shuts.

I did over and over again. Every time it did run for lit bit longer and finally it start running.

I left for 30-40 min to worm up. When i put on drive and start driving it didn't go, i push pedal and it didn't do to much, slowly start to catch up, but not smoothly, start to kind of shaking.

Also smoke, a lot of smoke.

Check engine is not on, or any other lights

P.S. Day before works just fine.

P.P.S. Had some problem when it was really cold, but never happened after till today.

Let me know if you need any other info.


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Hello Nazarii,

Not much information to use, but my usual guess during winter is fuel quality problems, with the fuel gelling due to the cool weather and (partly) blocking your fuel filter. Was it very much colder today than during the last week? Is this tank of fuel from a fueling station with a good reputation?

Many recommend adding "Power Service Diesel Fuel Supplement+Cetane Boost" to diesel fuel during the winter to prevent cold temperatures causing problems in the fuel.

Some people carry a bottle of "Power Service Diesel 9-1-1" during the winter and use it to solve the filter blockage caused by a tank of bad fuel.

Really 20'F isn't very cold so I will be surprised if this is your full problem, but try adding these to your diesel fuel tank.
Always follow the directions that are on the bottle.

Then hope for warmer weather.

Good luck,


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Assuming that you have been filling with winter blend fuel, ambient temperature related to fuel is not a problem. Fuel quality could be involved.

Start with basics.

Scan for codes using a Sprinter specific scan tool. Follow any hints there.
Check/clean or replace the air filter. While in there inspect that the MAF sensor is white glove clean.
It is unlikely to be fuel filter related, but how old/many miles is the fuel filter. If not been serviced regularly consider changing that.

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Suspect the EGR sticking. A new gasket, technique, and some time is all that is needed to remove the EGR to check mechanical operation.



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Thanks guys for all the help.

I dont use that sprinter much. And diesel thats remaining in tank are like 2 month old.

I did add that 911 yesterday while its been running, didn't change the situation.

I will check MAF sensor and fuel filter.

Will let you know.


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Ok guys here the story.

Another day I start truck. It wasn't easy. With jump and took me about 30-40 min.

I did unplug MAF sensor and seems to be was able to drive it.

I drove for about 20 miles. To my mechanic. There was a lot of smoke and no boost. So cant go more than 60mph.

He hooked up computer and it show up couple issues.

We replace fuel filter first. I went to gas station and fill up full tank + add some 911.

It didn't help.

Than it show up for O2 Sensor for Oxygen. We replace that one. Still smoke and no power.

Than we took out EGR and guess what ? It all black and didnt move at all. So we clean up that.

And everything work out. So far it drives now.

Thanks for your help guys.

And good luck.

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