Agiles sofa bad problem

2013 Agile read power sofa bad frequently stop working on the trips. After few days, without doing anything, then it working again.

Any experience like this?

2013 Agile


Check the motor wiring harness located under the sofa bed, the plug could be just loose. You can easily access it by removing the sofa bed kickboard.


2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
Similar problem on my 2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal which i svery similar if not the same bed and motor mechanism. I found a connector in the harness seemed to be the problem. A wiggle worked for a few years till one night I could not get power fold down to work. I removed, with considerable difficulty, the motor and drive unit, attached a strap to bottom of bed through the fold at “shoulder” area so that it sits on top of bed.

I now release and the sofa folds down easily to the bed position. In morning pull on strap to raise bed, push it easily into travelling sofa position. It’s now faster than the motor, works well and I no longer have to wonder if I’ll get the electric system to work.
I have checked, there is no obstruction to motor mechanism, moving parts, or tracks. In my case, when sofa stopped working, it just totally stop, no motor noise at all.

Will check wire harness tomorrow. Is wire harness just one single connection under the sofa? I will also check the switch.



2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
The primary fault connection on mine was about a foot away from the motor. Raising and lowering seemed to pull on the connector. I believe the snap together connector was also tape wound for added security at the factory.


Attached is a pdf with some instructions on how to disconnect the sofa power drive so you can raise or lower it manually. I found this somewhere online, but don't remember where.

Also, in case you haven't already noticed, it is pretty easy to remove the front kickboard under the sofa, which maybe will provide better access to some of the wiring. Three black thumbscrews hold that panel on, and can be removed from the front. Probably need pliers because too tight to remove by hand.

All assuming your bed is installed the same as mine.



2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
I like their choice of wording, may be difficult, may be acessible. This is similar to what I did but I recall finding a bolt head that was hidded from view, possibly those on the bracket to be lowered as shown, that was not standard hex head. I don’t remember but recall it may have required an allen wrench.
If one is thinking they may want / need to do this manual lowering sometime and they don’t travel with a full set of tools they may want to try this process in advance.
I was happy that the night I did the emergency manual lowering the temperature was very pleasant. If it had been hot, cold, raining etc it would have been a much more frustrating procedure.

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