2003-2004 Smog Test Issues / OBD issues


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I just bought a 2003 2500 in Texas and drove it home to California. When I tried to have it smogged the technician couldn't get the van to communicate with the OBD II computer (on-board diagnostics), and so I was failing smog because of connectivity issues.

I brought the van to a smog referee and he showed me a chart that explains that 2003-2004 Dodge 2500 and 3500 Sprinters (Federal certified) "over 8500 GVWR is not OBD II certified" and "were not built to comply with OBD-II or Fed OBD standards." So the chart goes on to instruct the inspector to "Test Normally. Bar-OIS (not sure what that means) will ignore incomplete continuous monitors. If the vehicle fails to communicate, use the result of the bulb check for the overall result of the OBD Test if the analyzer offers this option."

So he did and it passed.

And there you have it. If you're in California, or any other state that uses this system, and you're running into this issue tell your smog test technician to "Test Normally..."


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... will ignore incomplete continuous monitors. ...
Dennis/lindenengineering has discussed how some of the Sprinter's internal emission signals never "complete"

Thanks for the report...


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I recently bought a 49 states 2004 Freightliner badged sprinter, and am experiencing the same issue. I went through the steps CADMV - Smog Check - Dealer recall check - Referee and have been informed that the Freightliner needed to be added to the alert same as the dodge. That has been done and now I will take it to the referee for approval. Wish me luck.


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As far as i can tell from some Googling ... the "bulb test" is simply "is the dashboard 'Check Engine Light' illuminated?" ...
And here I was picturing the technician with a big rubber turkey baster sucking exhaust gasses into the “bulb” and squirting them into some fancy spectral analyzer... :laughing:

Carry on.


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