Cold weather—won’t start—tried several things


Might want to order a stick on (not magnetic as the oil pan is aluminum) oil pan heater.
Might find one at a local auto parts store, or they can order one in for you.
Also probably need to check the fuel heater inside the fuel filter.
Also might want to get some fuel anti-gel and dribble it into the line running to the
fuel filter.
Sounds like it's only getting a little fuel, when the fuel is heated.
Might also try a hair dryer or heat gun (on the low setting) and heat all the fuel lines
you can get at.
Might want to place your halogen bulb under the fuel tank or better still get another stick on
oil pan heater and put it under the fuel tank.
Be careful as the tank is plastic and cannot stand much heat without deforming.
If it fires up and runs fairly normally (even for 30 seconds) then the glow plugs and
starter would seem to be working normally, but as soon as the fuel pump (s) try to
pump the gelled fuel, it starves for fuel.
There is an electric pump in your fuel tank, with feed through the fuel filter and then
pushes fuel up to the high pressure pump.
Sounds like a gelled fuel that won't go through the fuel pumps or the fuel filter.
If you can keep it running for a few minutes, the return fuel from the injectors will
heat up the fuel in the tank.
Hope this helps,
Thanks for all the advice, I'll definitely give all this a shot!

Yeaaaa! Its ALIVE!!!! What SailQuick said. Sounds like gelled fuel at this pozint. Keep us posted..... (we're drinking coffee and avoiding the cold... but sharing your pain!)

Well, I gave up for the day, coffee and heat sounded too good! Now to get ready to toast the New Year! My resolution, get the van running!


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OK it now time to beat the LANDROVER drum and BG products.

As you may know we fix Landrovers & Jags at LinDen lots of 'em!
I also use BG products as being very good .
I refer to their service bulletin.
Diesel Fuel Recommended Anti Waxing NA Markets.
Condensed:- In cold weather diesel engines can experience difficulties.

Formation of wax crystals plug filters. Inconsistent fuel quality summer and winter blends.
Use and recommend BG products DFC HP Extra cold performance additive BG 23711

Same With cetane improver 23811.

Add during fueling when temperature are at least 3 Celsius (38F) and allow mixing by allowing to idle for a short while after filling.

So there you have it from the nice people at Landrover/Jag in Mahwah NJ.


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Add it and a carry on !
Don't panic !
Info by Landrover & HM Gov (Min of Information!) :laughing:

I simply did a quick transpose of the Landrover /Jag broadsheet bulletin about the recent cold weather and diesel fuel waxing etc.
I was impressed & being very proactive , because they came flat out and recommended a product that we use and also recommend for Sprinters.

In fact it's also been the choice of John Deere mechanics and Ag tractors in the field and farm for a while now..
I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter and the same problem this morning with temperature at -31C. The van is new to me, so I don't know if this should be expected or if there is something needing to be fixed. It has a new battery but I also boosted it from my truck to give extra juice. Cranked over fine and even sped up to almost running speed while cranking... but would not quite start. Last resort was I tried some aerosol quick-start spray into the air intake between the air filter and engine. A few seconds of spray and it started and stayed running. It takes two people to do this because you want to spray at same time as engine is cranking so its drawn in and minimize the use of the quick-start.

I'm also wondering if I have a glow plug problem even though no problem lights indicate it. But at least I got it started and warmed up with above method.
NEVER-I mean NEVER-use starting fluid (ether) in a Diesel engine equipped with glow plugs. I guarantee that you will indeed have "a glow plug problem-" as in trying to fish the broken pieces of the glow plugs out of the cylinders-if you do.

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