What’s under wooden platform under couch?


2009 Fleetwood
I ordered a love seat to replace the jack knife couch.
I started looking at what’s involved in removing the wood
platform that the couch sits on and noticed a small motor looking device,
It has two wires attached to it.
Maybe the brake for the slide? Now I’m wondering what else
Is under the platform. I plan to remove it and set new
Furniture on floor, to get correct height, but now concerned
About what else is under there. Before my rip out strategy begins,
Can anyone she some light on what is under there? It’s a fleetwood
Icon, with couch and kitchen on slide area.


2009 Fleetwood
I’m responding to my own post. The slide motors are under the deck.
I thought the slide was flush on top of the floor. If I could remove my stupid question I would,
But couldn’t see how to do it. Disregard.


The only stupid questions are those that should have been asked to help avoid a problem...but weren't.

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