Dorman thermostat or OEM?

Patrick of M

2005 T1N 2500 (NA spec)
As I continue getting this van back up to speed, doing PM that never happened, next up is a thermo that is keeping me at 78C...instead of 87C. Looking around I have a couple of questions.
1. Dorman good enough?
2. Some thermos come without an installed temp sensor. (-$) , others have one pre-installed. Is removing the old temp sensor and swapping it in problematic (common breakage/leaking etc)?
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Doktor A (864-623-9110)
The oem thermostat (complete w/housing and sensor) is made by Behr.

Behr is now part of the Mahle group. Buy it either from the dealer or aftermarket in a Mahle box.

Chinese in this particular case is not recommended.

Doktor A
Rock auto for $48 cad is in a Mahle box. It is what I used and jumped my temperature from 78-86c.
Napa Canada was 140$ cad foe the same one.
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