2006 sprinter 3500 in Montreal Canada Pre-purchase inspection


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I wish I could help you... I'm in Sherbrooke, and both Dodge dealers that "say" they can do Sprinters, have proven to be nothing above "average" at best... I did my post-purchase inspection at the dealer, and the report told me nothing I didn't already know. I stood by the mechanic all the time, and he mis-diagnosed, or didn't see:
-Cracked turbo resonator
-2 swollen up radiator hoses (that eventually split when I was 2000km from home)
-1 cracked charge air hose coming out of the intercooler.

I'm still trying to figure out where Sprinters around here go? I can't work on everything on my back in the gravel, especially in the winter...

Good luck!

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2005 T1N 2500 (NA spec)
SIlverstar on Decarie did a good job for me a few years ago. They did a lot of sprinters back then, and probably still do. Expensive though. You could call and ask the service manager how much. Since then ownership has changed, but the techs are probably the same (?) I mostly do my own wrenching so haven't been back, as back then I was in the middle of a big project and had no time.

p.s. If it's à Montreal rig, rust is going to be a major, but you don't need a Sprinter shop for that. p.p.s. Don't let Dodge near it, they'll break it with their eyes and charge you for the glance.
p.p.p.s. If it is the Dodge dually extended for $5k on kijiji that is about as low as thenprice gets, but there will be rust and it will probably still sell fast except it is Xmas and deals,get missed.
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