Injector bolt timesert- my experience


I've replaced or fixed black death on 7 injectors and have never had a hold down bolt hole strip.

I was fixing black death on cylinder 5 in a 2004 and upon reassembly the hold down bolt hole stripped.

Here is my usual procedure for injectors-

1. Remove injector, hold down, and hold down bolt
2. Use seal cut kit to clean the sealing surface at the bottom of the injector bore
3. Use PB blaster and a tap (made out of a former injector hold down bolt) to clean out hold down bolt hole.
4. Reassemble with new seal to proper torque spec

This time I had to add repairing the threads. I ordered the M6 deep timesert kit from ID parts.
Here's how it went-

1. Marked hole depth- Don't drill too far or you will be sorry! I used a piece of welding rod and marked the hole depth with a piece of electric tape. I used this as my template for the rest of the steps. I also removed the harness for injector 4 so I could get a better visual on the #5 hole.

2. Drill hole- Cylinder 5 is shrouded by the firewall, heater hose, and cabin air filter housing. For me, a right angle drill was necessary to get the long drill bit and drill housing to fit without hitting the ceiling of the engine bay. Drilling into the aluminum is very easy. I had to keep checking my mark since it was cylinder 5 and I couldn't see while drilling.

3. Tap to size of timesert- This was a long process. The square head of the tap is 1/4". usually too big for most small tap handles and a large tap handle will not fit back there. I ended up using a 3 inch 1/4 socket extension with the female end on the tap. On the male 1/4" of the extension I put a small adjustable wrench. A 12pt 7mm socket would have worked too. I used a PB blaster as cutting material. 3/4 of the way down it was hard to turn. I unthreaded the tap and there was an unbelievable amount of black goo in the gaps between the threads. I gave the hole and good squirt and compressed air spray and cleaned the tap. It became easy to thread and I went the rest of the way down.

4. Insert the timesert- I used 30 weight oil on the insert tool then threaded a timesert on by hand until it wouldn't thread any further. Like the tap the top is 1/4 square. I used the same 1/4" socket extension and adjustable wrench to thread it in. This was the easy part.

5. Did my usual bore cleaning but added one step. I used a stainless bristle circular brush and adapted the handle to fit in the 90 drill chuck. It turned into a nice dirt honing tool for the bore so the injector would slip back in. Also, my old seal was stuck at the bottom of the bore. I used a 1/4 piece of tubing with a mighty vac tapered black plastic attachment. I pushed the attachment through the hole in the seal until it grabs as the taper expands and locks the seal to the attachment. Then just pull up! To get the black death off of the hold down block I used an oxyacetylene torch.

Everything worked great, highly recommended tool!

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