thoughts on T1n with LOTS of $$ put into maintenace


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Hello Forum-ers,

I have been doing my research and have decided that I would like to purchase a T1N for my first sprinter. I'm looking for a 140" wb High Roof with less than 200k miles.

I stumbled upon a van for sale online that meets my critera and budget, but has had a LOT of work done recently. I'm trying to decided if I should see this as a good sign or as a cause for alarm. The van has around 150k miles on it, and the owner claims that in the past year they have spent $13,000 in repairs, mostly to the engine, by authorized dealers using OEM parts, and that the repairs are almost as good as a new engine.

Repairs include:

-new fuel rail
-new high and low pressure fuel pump
-new water pump
-new timing belt (I assume they mean chain?)
-new glow plugs
-new glow plug module
- a few other belts and pulleys were replaced
-new Safelite windshield with lifetime warranty
-new Mercedes windshield wipers
-completely redone exhaust that is compliant with all 50 states' emissions requirements
-new ball joints
-repaired e-brake

Also, there has been some body rust repaired, but the owner claims that there is no structural rust. I haven't gotten to seen the van in person yet, but rust will definitely be high on my list of things to watch out for. Could the redone exhaust have been necessitated by rust?

I have lots of questions for the owner about why they're selling, about the transmission, the injectors, etc.

But my question for the community: Do these repairs instill more confidence or fear? Why? What questions might you have for the seller?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies. I am super excited to be joining this community and have already benefitted greatly from the knowledge available on this site. The sprinter community is a large part of why I've gravitated towards a sprinter. Kinda reminds me of the Kawasaki KLR650 community. So much love!

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Depends on the asking price and if they have maintenance records (oil changes, brakes, etc). T1Ns can run for a long time. And buying a van that someone else already put a bunch of money into is nice if you can get it for a good price.

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First let me extend to you a hale and hearty welcome to the forum. welcome2.gif

You don't mention model year. An EGR wasn't mentioned. Both fuel pumps changed would have me believe NAS aka NAFTA 2001 - 2003 OM612, but... a new fuel rail and not just replacing the O-ring seals points more to the OM647 engine.

Anyway. My concern would be that there is/was a problem which was shot gunned with parts in attempts at repair.

The fuel rail, high/low pressure fuel pumps, even ball joints are not normal wear items for the miles. The coolant pump replacement would be normal for the miles. Timing belt is likely serpentine belt.

If all those parts actually cured the problem(s), then great. If not, you may be paying too much for a Sprinter with an odd problem waiting to re-surface.

Good luck.



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I'd wonder if they were chasing some problem and have given up on ever finding it.

Unknown to us commenters is how much they're asking.
If it's over $12k, i'd be looking for no rust issues (well-repaired might be acceptable)

p.s. "various belts" ... unless they have a second alternator or second AC compressor, there's only one belt.


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Thank y'all so much for the replies and the warm welcome! The van in question is a 2006 Freightliner 2500. The seller is asking $11.5k and claims to have receipts for all of the repairs. They also claim that oil changes were done regularly, even more often than the recommended intervals. The seller states that the van now runs and drives great.

I will definitely be inquiring as to what signaled the need for the repairs, as well as whether or not they believe those problems were rectified. And I'll certainly be asking the biggest question on my mind: Why get rid of it for less than the cost of the repairs, after putting so much cash in to get it running right? The last thing I want is to go on an expensive wild goose chase with a new van.

...p.s. "various belts" ... unless they have a second alternator or second AC compressor, there's only one belt...
Good to know. Their post was obviously vague in this regard. Perhaps one of the pulleys was the Harmonic Balancer? I will definitely inquire further.

...You don't mention model year. An EGR wasn't mentioned. Both fuel pumps changed would have me believe NAS aka NAFTA 2001 - 2003 OM612, but... a new fuel rail and not just replacing the O-ring seals points more to the OM647 engine...
If i'm not mistaken, the model would indicate that you are correct about the OM647 engine. Without mention of EGR maintenance, is that something I should keep an especially close eye on?

Thanks again everyone!
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If it's owned by a business, it's kind'a reasonable that they'd sell at a loss ("good riddance" as some would say).
Although individuals might try to recoup their repair costs, clear-eyed business thinking would simply cut their losses.
If they'd already depreciated the Sprinter to zero (on the books), then being able to get even close to the $13k back works out tax-wise.

The blue book value is probably in the $12k range (a number a friend bought a decent (no rust) used Sprinter for... two years ago)



Is the Sprinter located near Lindenengineering orDr. Andy for inspection? I would pay them for their time if they'd inspect it.


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X2 on the prepurchase inspection by someone knowledgable. Ball joint replacement could very well be due to not understanding the vertical play limits, which if so begs the question of the level of Sprinter expertise of the maintenance facility. Good luck, hope it works out.


Hey Shelton.... I am a NEW T1N owner myself and spent about 1 month looking for the right Sprinter. My criteria too was like yours.... 2004, 2005, or 2006 HIGH TOP.... 158" OR 140" 2500 or 3500 didn't matter to me. First let me start out by saying I understand what it's like wanting less than 200k miles and also having a decent budget for a vehicle. I almost bought a 2006 with 50k miles on it for $18,000 dollars.... I ended up buying a 2005 with 156k miles on it for $8,000 dollars... it's the 158" High Top 3500... It drove home from Oregon with NO PROBLEM... I still took it to the mechanic and put $4,000 dollars into the mechanics of the vehicle. anyway it's hard to say if it's good or bad.... I believe it is a good thing at that price. $11,500 isn't bad at all especially if it's already good to go after you've bought it. I bought mine for $8,000 and put $4,000 into it.... Mine seems good to go. Maybe see how desperate they are to sell it and try to offer them $10,000 or $10,500. I believe the blue book values of these vehicles being that year and mileage are aprox. $8k - 11.5k obviously depending on a few factors. Where is this vehicle located? I was searching the U.S. cities that didn't have much weather..... salt, snow, freezing, heat, etc.. GOOD LUCK!!!


^^^^ oh yeah..... x3 on pre purchase inspection if it's an option.... I took 2 sprinters to have checked out at Escondido German Auto... in Escondido, CA They charged me about $260- dollars but it was worth it and a VERY professional inspection. The inspection made me not purchase the one for $18,000 dollars and I did buy the one for $8,000. To me that $10,000 dollar savings was AWESOME at such a small cost of $260 dollars to realize I didn't want to spend $18k


All these repairs look normal to me for 150,000 miles. My concern would be the rust. Research the geographical history of this sprinter. Northern and coastal locations have salt issues. Commercial sprinters could have hidden rust issues beware of flower delivery vans, water delivery or any company that could spill toxic chemicals and hide with a great cover it up process

2006 2500 118wb standard roof 219,000 fun miles

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