Diesel heater (behind the headlite) noise

My 2006 Sprinter has a diesel heater behind the driver side head lite for, I believe, helping the engine warm up faster. If I'm wrong please let me know. I have turned it on for our colder temps lately. It works but is becoming louder than I remember. Does it have a fan? Most noticeable when I shut down the engine and it starts its cool down cycle. It slows down and seem to get louder until it finally stops.
Another question is: should it be switched off after warm up, or is it automatic? I know it shuts down after turning off the engine automatically. Does it keep running as long as you have the engine running? I can't hear it with the engine running but the little red light on the dash stays on. Thanks


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That is what you'll see called here the "booster heater", the "auxiliary heater" and/or "the Espar" (since Espar built it).

If you don't have the 7-day timer on your central console, you may still have the "auxiliary" flavor, but most likely you have the more common "booster" ... which only works when the engine is running.

There is a switch to keep it from running.

You can download a 2006 owners manual here: http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/2006_Sprinter_Owners_Manual.pdf
(and find lots of other stuff, like a full 2006 service manual, at http://www.diysprinter.co.uk/reference/ )

The booster heater operations (and where to find the switches) is in the owner's manual, starting at page 131.

If you don't turn it off, it idles at low heat once the engine coolant reaches 180 F.
Fuel consumption is roughly a cup per hour.


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