Need advice on this sprinter purchase!

Im at a dealership buying a 2006 Dodge Sprinter 158" 3500 158k miles.
List price is $8000.
I need help determining if this is a good deal (will post pictures in a few minutes).

The good:
Power windows
Incredibly low amount of rust on exterior
Cruise control (and I think this means there is ABS installed?)
Excellent acceleration
I didnt notice any black smoke from exhaust

The bad:
Non-official Engine Codes:
P1482-001 Glow plug module excessive current
P2133-001 Glow plug #1 circuit short to voltage
P2088-002 Intake air temperature sensor ratio too low
P2511-001 EGR valve signal circuit short to ground
P2356-008 ECM internal error
P2032-002 O2 sensor plausibility
P2136-001 Glow plug #4 circuit short to voltage

Non-official Heater Booster Codes:
0200 Flame Out - stored code
0302 Under Voltage - stored code

Non-official Airco Codes
1004-15 No communication with ECM
1007-07 Blower stage 1

Pretty sure there is black death, but I havent opened up the injector cover so see which ones.
No maintenance logs.
Was in an accident (hit an animal, probably a deer), and it had to be towed from the scene.
There is some rust through in the body, below the back doors.
The brakes are incredibly soft, I have to hold them for a while to get any appreciable deceleration.
The heater/fan appears to not work
Passenger side power windows dont work
A strange smell in the cab (maybe due to black death? or is it just natural for diesels?)
Seems kinda rusty underneath the vehicle
The center control knob for heat or whatever doesnt seem to turn. I can press it in, and a red light comes on.
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The degree to which you have "Black Death" could make repairs to injectors and glow plugs much more risky/difficult. I wouldnt make the purchase without that cover coming off and snapping some photos, and posting them here for comment. O2 sensor has probably run its course at 158k/11 yrs...$200 or less. Glow plugs/new module same thing...$250 or less. EGR valve, if it's failed....$400 or so. Brakes all around...$350 or less. Heater fan(resistor)...$40 or less. Heater control center knob...lube the cables...straighten any kinks. The rust would concern me depending upon the state it lived in, and the state you will keep it in. Good luck. :2cents


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I would only buy this if the repairs are included in the $8000 ie all works and no codes after driving, or as-is for $5000
All have ABS, not all have Cruise control
Black death will give a airy chuffing sound and dieisel exhaust smell inside
Brakes may need fluid flush or rotors and pads too, or the deer hit damaged something in the brake system

What area are you in?
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Dealer will be lucky to get $5k for that. They probably bought it for $1k. Deal hard and walk away, they'll come running after you!
Patrick is right , this isn’t worth $8k and I would start at $3000 and work it up to $4000 max and then walk away if they don’t take it . Dealers aren’t honest nor need to be treated like one !
If you don’t get it then you have 8000 reasons not to buy it !


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CEL light illuminated with glow plug, EGR, and possible harness damage codes? $8k? Rust? Seriously?

I know T1Ns are rare. But you can get a fiberglass high roof E series for that kind of money, in good shape too! Possibly even a diesel! $8k plus repair costs goes a long way on a used or new transit or promaster!

If you have good sprinter mechanic, or are a skilled and willing DIY mechanic, $5k is reasonable depending on rust, and the progression of the black death. :idunno:
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Run, don’t walk away from this Sprinter unless have very deep pockets, an unlimited patience budget etc. If you really want it, offer scrap value, maybe 1-1.5K? Simply to many things wrong to bet on a good outcome.



agree with everybody else, I would expect to pay way less than half, plus id rather have a 2500 as the 3500 wheels are a hassle with little reward unless you tow heavy or load very heavy.


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I concur, and the main issue is the rust. The glowplug and ECM and EGR stuff can all be replaced for $1000, the brakes who knows, but the rust is often non-repairable.

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