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Update... And the install of the Quadra Bigfoot auto leveler system is completed! Spent this weekend hanging the central pump housing, running hydraulic and electrical, hooking it all up, mounting my control unit and panel, flushing air out of the lines, and calibrating what "level" is. I must have gone through 30 to 40 zip ties. ;) If the main power cable had been two inches shorter I would have hated life though as I hate spices or extensions of power cables carrying that much juice. Good news is it was exactly the perfect length.

All and all I'm impressed. Works great and rig is back in storage. If you can turn a wrench and do simple electrical you can install yourself if you don't mind spending two weekends crawling around on your back and skinning a knuckle or two. I even called Quadra tech support to ask a dumb question and they called me back last week within a couple of hours of my voicemail message.

While I was under the rig and already having to route wires to my entry cabinet wall I added a switch in parallel to my screen door closed detection circuit. Now I can lie to the coach and tell it the door is closed even when opened if I ever want to prevent the steps from going out.

Apparently Alan is promising a newly designed system for sale at a whopping $2279.16 but only for the next 48hrs... What a scumbag. Don't fall for it.

Don't believe me, do your research....
His word is worthless... piece of poop!


I do hope someone else picks this up and completes it. As a product it was a great alternative to the hydraulic systems...

I do regret not driving over to at least get the foldable legs and harness...
Sorry to hear about all those who paid this guy money and never received a working system. I'd file a claim on their bankruptcy. May only pay pennies, but the court (and public record) should get a feel for how many were defrauded and how much in total.

I do wish to thank those who shared their bad experiences. I had been looking at their solution until your warnings waived me off.



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I'd file a claim on their bankruptcy. May only pay pennies, but the court (and public record) should get a feel for how many were defrauded and how much in total.
(Long-time viewer, first-time poster here.) I sent him a wire transfer this year, so it's recent but I doubt there's something I could do to file a claim on the bankruptcy across the border. I couldn't even find any trace of the incorporation online, except at the BBB.

I really wish he had been upfront with the issues in the last few years. Something like KickStarter could've helped bring the company back in the black legitimately instead of using later sales to try to fulfill earlier orders.

If they're truly bankrupt (I have no way of knowing for sure), I hope someone else will pick up where they left off… For Sprinters there's always Quadra (Bigfoot) albeit hydraulic, but for ProMasters, Transits, etc. Bullseye were the only option. I contacted Quadra, Lippert, HWH and Equalizer, and only two bothered replying (HWH and Equalizer), both to say they don't have models for the ProMaster. So not only am I out the money, but it also appears that I won't have leveling jacks, period: :-/
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He is really good at lies. He specializes in it, especially trying to get your money. Once he does, he takes you for a ride.
You might want to contact the Federal Trade Commission and see if they can help you.


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I am SO VERY SORRY, everybody!! I feel like an idiot because I started this "Group Discount" offer from Bullseye back in 2016, I think. I got cold feet when my kit never arrived - and when he started his crap about "can't send you a refund until my cashflow improves". I immediately called my credit card company and reversed the charge. I see here, now, that he has stopped taking cards -- that has to be because the banks are finally on to his scams and will not issue him a Merchant Account. Anybody still following this and still contemplating throwing business his way -- ONLY use a credit card! If he won't / can't take it - go elsewhere.

Now, let me repeat this advice in case it helps...
If any of you used your card -- and even if it's been two years -- you can still call your card company and plead your case. I have had many situations where they have been completely on my side and reversed the charges even though common sense might tell you it's been too long. Even if you received a partial kit, they will often help you.

If he's lost complete Merchant status, or declared bankruptcy -- this might not help. But it's worth a shot. His asking for a personal check or bank draft is so classic -- but you can still contact your bank and explain the fraud. Banks do have a way to reverse such transactions if he still has a bank account associated with your transaction. You might have to talk with a Manager at your bank.
You know that seen in Chevy Chase's National Lampoon Christmas vacation where the crazy cousin in-law brings the Boss in?

Love for someone to bring us Alan! front and center:thumbup:


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I’m driving to Indiana in May for the race, what’s the bounty on him. Since I have HWH levelers and not much OCCC ceiling, can I just mail you his ears?

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