turbo resenator bracket part number


2005 2500 sprinter
does anyone have the turbo resenator bracket part number

this is the bracket that rapes around the alternator and the turbo sesenation bolts to it

i called the dealers and they can not find it and want a picture of it

i have a parts book for the sprinter 2005 2500 and i can not find the number in the book

i am not for sure what it is called

i have a 2005 2500 sprinter
I don't have a part number for you. Have you checked the part to see if there's a part number stamped on it? I do at least have a picture for you if you want to send to your dealer(s). Based on your description, I believe this is what you're talking about.



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I think you're looking for an (MB) A 647 141 01 40 (dodge 05137156AA)



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