Stuck in Billings MT. Stalling at stop signs.

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Current issue.
Check engine light is on. Has come on up to 6 times in the last couple months. Seams to go off after about 4 start cycles.
Van seams to run down highway fine, plenty of power but does seam to be running rich.
When I pull up to a stop, Let off of pedal, it will stall.
This just started in the last couple days and has gotten progressively worse in 24 hours.

Fresh oil change
Fresh Battery

I do have some leakage around front 2 injectors, I have noticed this over the last 6 months. Does appear a little worse now.
I am very mechanically inclined and sensitive to changes. I do hear a difference in the engine noise at idle, it has a pulse almost like snoring and I hear some rattle noise around the front 2 injectors.

About to go check codes if the reader I have will do it.
Going to attack injectors and find where fuel is coming from ideally solving that and cleaning those injectors if needed.

Hopes to get it solid enough to get back to denver and see Dennis.
Any feedback welcome,


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Pulled codes.
P0087 Fuel Railsystem pressure
Too Low
Assuming this is my front injector leakage/seapage.

Cylinder 1 Glow pLug Circuit/

Glow Plug/Heater Circuit A

I have accidently fired it up in the last month to quickly. Distracted, didnt wait for glow plug light to go off.

Going to find where seepage around front 2 injectors stems from and fix.
This is a small amount of fuel, definitely not enough to create a flow or odor.

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Without taking off your injector valley cover, you won't really know the extent of possible injector leaks. The glow plugs aren't your stalling at low idle problem. Any leaking fuel from high pressure fuel pump at front top of engine ?

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Injector 1 is damp. No prominent "leaks"

Monitored FRP
Low 3056
Watched on meter and listened to engine pulsing. Went hand in hand with FRP peaks.

Light concern with fuel pump. Changed filter 6 months ago after a bad fuel incident. Going to change filter ASAP.

Also recognize fuel lines are dry and beginning to fail. Had to replace a 4inch feed line already this year. Only visible fuel leakage is around injector 1, viewed with cover off.

May need to source fuel pump in near future. Other than that confident in van.

Would like to figure out injector dampness. O-ring? Seal washer?

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Would like to figure out injector dampness. O-ring? Seal washer?
The injector to head copper seal isn't likely to be the source of raw fuel. Leaks there release combustion gases.

The plastic fuel return fittings/hoses or the high pressure connections are a possibility.

Past bad fuel? Water in fuel? Water in fuel has been known to crack the steel injector body. That can leak raw fuel.



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Initial injector leakage can look a lot like raw fuel, but is more oil like, and smells a bit burnt.

Idle problems and rough running, combined with smoke and a pulsing exhaust (at idle) are signs of a over fueling injector.

You need to get this kind of thing, and the injector leakage sorted as soon as reasonable. It may be serious enough to cause top end damage if left too long, and the injector leakage can be a pain to remove if left too long.

The stalling may be due to low rail pressure due to a injector with excessive leak off, but it could also be a wiring harness failure due to black death/injector leakage eroding the injector wiring. Though that usually will throw a code. Usually a injector with lots of leakback will cause warm starting issues. If you have a high pressure fuel leak, even a small one, it can cause low rail pressure at idle, and could cause the stalling you are seeing.

Does the stalling still occur with the engine cold? Does the engine start right off, or do you need to crank a bit?

The pulsing and low FRP make me think a failing injector, probably one that has excessive leak back when active, or one that is overfueling. An overfueling injector can melt a piston...
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Drove the van back to Colorado and everything was fine until a road trip to Kansas.

Diagnosed a failed injector (#1)
Replaced and ran well for a couple weeks.

Took a trip into the hills and on the way back a new issue has risen.

FRP-Low code
Limp mode - wont go over 65
If restarted runs strong for a minute or two.

Cold start- very diesely soundign
-rough idle
-With light rev, rpm drop pulse

Hoping to get this figured out without going to shop. Although I know Dennis is the man.



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Did you use a reman injector or brand new oem? I'd be mighty suspicious of that new injector.. sure would be nice if you had a spare to swap in. I would do an injector leak by test, then fuel rail solenoid test.
Pull the inlet hose off the fuel filter and see if it's shooting out real fast, filling a 2l bottle in maybe 6 seconds, better yet buy an 80 psi+ fuel gauge with a T fitting and make sure the the fuel pressure is at least 55 psi before and after the filter, then take a fuel sample before the filter, and change the fuel filter if the fuel sample is nasty, then disassemble and inspect your fuel filter. Or maybe you could have just left some hose clamps loose near the fuel filter, or damaged the water drain o ring on the filter, or didn't lube an o ring on the fuel filter spike and it got messed up inside the fuel filter.

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